Electromagnetic Induction

Carmel Coleman
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Higher Physics Mind Map on Electromagnetic Induction, created by Carmel Coleman on 12/12/2013.

Carmel Coleman
Created by Carmel Coleman almost 6 years ago
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Electromagnetic Induction
1 Define
1.1 Electromagnetic Induction
1.2 Magnetic Flux
1.3 Mutual Induction
1.4 Self Induction
2 State
2.1 Unit of Magnetic Flux
2.2 Faraday's Law
2.3 Lenz's Law
2.4 What is an electrical generator?
2.5 What is a transformer?
3 Recall
3.1 A coil opposes a.c. with both its ohmic resistance and back emf induced in it.
3.2 A capacitor blocks d.c. but conducts a.c.
3.3 Electromagnetic Induction occurs in a generator
3.4 Mains electricity is a.c.
4 Draw
4.1 A graph of an a.c. voltage/current against time.
4.2 A graph of d.c. voltage/current against time.
4.3 A labelled diagram of a transformer
5 Explain
5.1 Induced emf
5.2 Induced current
5.3 Alternating current
5.4 Step up/down transformer
5.5 Primary/secondary coil
6 Describe
6.1 An expt to show electromagnetic induction
6.2 Demonstrate Faradays and Lenx's Laws
6.3 Show a.c. using an ocsilloscope
6.4 Show the effect of an inductor on a.c.
6.5 Show a capacitor conducts a.c. but not d.c.
6.6 Demonstrate the action of a transformer
6.7 compare peak and rms values of a.c.
6.8 Show mutual/self induction
7 Formulae
8 List
8.1 Practical Applications of Generators
8.2 practical uses of inductors
8.3 practical uses of transformers

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