Phrasal verbs with "to go"

Nelitza Ramírez
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Phrasal verbs with " to go"

Nelitza Ramírez
Created by Nelitza Ramírez almost 4 years ago
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Phrasal verbs with "to go"
1 Off
1.1 Make a loud noise
1.1.1 Ex: My alam clock went off at 7 am.
2 Over
2.1 To review
2.1.1 Ex: You should go over the reports
3 Through
3.1 To review/ experience
3.1.1 Ex: She went through an awful divorce
4 With
4.1 To match
4.1.1 Ex: The grey shirt go well with denims
5 Back on
5.1 not keeping a promise
5.1.1 Ex: Jhon hasn't gone back on his word
6 Down
6.1 To Reduce/ decrease
6.1.1 Ex: The share market went down
7 On with
7.1 continue as planned
7.1.1 Ex: You should go on with your plan
8 On
8.1 To happen
8.1.1 Ex: What is going on in China right now?
9 Out
9.1 To stop working
9.1.1 Ex: The electricity went out last night.
10 in for
10.1 To participate
10.1.1 Ex: Are you going in for the test?
11 Without
11.1 Abstein from/ something is not need it
11.1.1 Ex: A camel can go without water for many months

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