Self-inquiry as a form of CPD


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Self-inquiry as a form of CPD
  1. Problems
    1. 1. High demand for external CPDs
      1. 2. Value of own teaching experience
        1. Questions
          1. 2. How useful are external CPDs for experienced teachers in relation to knowledge and practice?
            1. 1. What are the reasons for experienced teachers attending external CPD events?
              1. 3. To what extent can self-inquiry be used as a source of CPD?
                1. Title
                  1. To what extent can schools incorporate self-enquiry as a tool for CPD to create and disseminate in-house teaching expertise? A small case study on experienced teachers in an urban school in London
                2. 3. Limited funding opportunities
                  1. 4. Dissemination of knowledge
                  2. Assumptions
                    1. 1. The high demand for experienced teachers to attend CPD is encouraged by the 'celebrity' status of presenters
                      1. 2. Experienced teachers are 'professional learners' who wish to develop their area of expertise further.
                        1. 3. Experienced teachers offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise
                          1. 4. The model of clinical education based on experiential knowledge and self-inquiry has the potential to develop and disseminate in-house teaching expertise.
                            1. Methodology
                              1. Method
                                1. Case Study
                                  1. QUAL approach
                                2. Techniques
                                  1. 1. Semi-structured interviews
                                    1. 2. Likert scale questionnaires
                                      1. 3. Focus groups
                                      2. Sampling
                                        1. Research population: 26 teachers
                                          1. In-depth: 6 experienced teacher
                                            1. Convenience sample
                                        2. 5. Experience is not necessarily related to years of practice
                                        3. Review of Literature
                                          1. 2. Studies on the influence of CPDs on teacher education
                                            1. 1. Studies on experiential knowledge and transformative learning.
                                              1. 3. Studies using self-inquiry within education
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