Reflection of Light in Spherical Mirrors

Carmel Coleman
Mind Map by , created almost 6 years ago

Higher Physics Mind Map on Reflection of Light in Spherical Mirrors, created by Carmel Coleman on 12/13/2013.

Carmel Coleman
Created by Carmel Coleman almost 6 years ago
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Reflection of Light in Spherical Mirrors
1 Define
1.1 Real Image
1.2 Virtual Image
1.3 Magnification
1.4 In relation to spherical mirrors
1.4.1 Pole
1.4.2 Centre of Curvature
1.4.3 Axis
1.4.4 Focus
1.4.5 Focal Length
2 Draw
2.1 A ray diagram to locate the image formed in a concave/convex mirror no matter what the position of the object
3 Experiment
3.1 To measure the focal length of a concave mirror
4 List
4.1 Practical uses of Concave/Convex mirrors
5 Formulae
5.1 1/f = 1/u + 1/v
5.2 m = v/u

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