Carmel Coleman
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Higher Physics Mind Map on Lenses, created by Carmel Coleman on 12/13/2013.

Carmel Coleman
Created by Carmel Coleman almost 6 years ago
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1 Define
1.1 Converging Lens
1.2 Diverging Lens
1.3 Optic Centre
1.4 Axis
1.5 Focus
1.6 Focal Length
1.7 Real/Virtual Image
1.8 Magnification
1.9 Power of a lens
2 Draw
2.1 A ray diagram to locate the image formed in a convex or concave lens, no what what the position of the object
3 Experiments
3.1 To measure the focal length of a converging lens
4 Describe
4.1 Optical structure of the eye
5 List
5.1 Practical uses of lens
6 Formulae
6.1 1/u +1/v = 1/f
6.2 m = v/u
6.3 P = 1/f
6.4 P = P1 +P2
6.5 1/f = 1/f1 +1/f2
7 Answer these questions
7.1 What is short sight?
7.1.1 What type of lens can be used to correct short sight?
7.2 What is long sight?
7.2.1 What type of lens can be used to correct it?

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