The Cold War 1980-5

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The Cold War 1980-5
1 US Reaction to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan
1.1 Cancel Trade with Soviet Union
1.1.1 Had been trading Grain
1.1.2 Businesses forbidden to sell technology there
1.2 Give assistance to the Mujahideen (guerrillas) who fought against USSR
1.2.1 Later gave rise to terrorist groups
1.2.2 The US will give assistance to any who oppose the Soviet Union
1.3 Creation of Cater Doctrine
1.3.1 USA would use military force to protect their assets in the Persian Gulf US would give military aid to countries bordering Afghanistan
1.4 Why?
1.4.1 Iran Hostage Crisis in Iran had not been solved and it made Carter look weak Wanted to use the invasion to strengthen his position
1.5 Refused to go to Moscow Olympics
1.5.1 Held separate games made up of 61 countries
1.6 Carter delays the passing of SALT 2
1.6.1 Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
2 Impact of Regan
2.1 Next president after Carter
2.1.1 1980 elections
2.2 Tougher with the Soviet Union
2.3 Less emphasis on Human Rights
2.3.1 More emphasis on fighting Communism
2.4 Increase in US defence spending
2.4.1 Introduction of SDI (star wars)
2.4.2 First to ignore MAD
2.5 Wanted to fix the embarrassment of Iran and the Vietnam War
3 Star Wars
3.1 SDI
3.1.1 Strategic Defence Initiative
3.2.1 Strategic Arms Reduction Talks
3.2.2 Negotiations to reduce arms race
3.2.3 Ends badly - Soviet delegation walks out Leads to Regan forming SDI
3.3 Early warning Ground and Space laser based Anti-ballistic system
3.4 Gave USA an advantage in any nuclear attack
3.5 Soviet Union had arms defence spending problems
3.5.1 Couldn't keep up with US's spending
3.5.2 Arms Race could destroy their economy
4 Soviet Leaders
4.1 Brezhnev - dies 1982
4.2 Andropov - dies 1984
4.3 Chernenko - ousted from power March 1985
4.4 Gorbachev
4.4.1 Ends Cold War
5 General Relations
5.1 Carter - anti-communist
5.1.1 Focus on human rights
5.1.2 Ends detente
5.2 Regan - very anti-communist
5.2.1 Wants to increase US's power
5.2.2 Increases defence spending Wants to continue Cold War and have an advantage over Soviet Union in a nuclear war Wants to use arms race to cripple Soviet Unions economy
5.2.3 Very few talks (START), which end badly
5.3 Andropov and Regan insult each other
5.3.1 Regan's 'evil empire' speech
5.4 Gorbachev
5.4.1 Better relations 'Gorbymania' USA
5.4.2 Reduces arms race
5.4.3 End's Cold War
5.4.4 Less hard-line Communist
5.4.5 Key changes Reforms to the Communist Party He did not want to leave Communism completely However he was a fresher and younger face to Communism Many people felt that these changes were not enough, they wanted to leave communism completely Eventually lost him power Ends the Arms Race with the USA and signed arms reduction treaties


  • Treaties: Summit meeting in Rekjavik - 1986 The Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) - 1987 The Conventional Armed Forces in Europe treaty (CFE) START Talks Arms race, space race and Afghanistan had lost the USSR a lot of money He stopped Soviet interference in Eastern European satellite states Political dissidents were released from jail Freer Economy Freer trade Local government elections Some didn't support him
5.4.6 More in touch with the people of the Soviet Union

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