It is Logically Impossible to Experience God

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It is Logically Impossible to Experience God
1 Objection to Religious Experience is derived from Imannuel KANT
1.1 Argues that our senses can only experience things in the empirical realm
1.1.1 (Referred to as PHENOMENA)
1.1.2 There may be a reality beyond our experience (NOUMENA) This is impossible for us to experience it as a matter of logic
2 Perhaps a clearer way to express this is to say that given our human senses are finite and limited
2.1 It is impossible for humans to experience an unlimited God
3 Counter Argument
3.1 Whilst accepting that humans can't cause an experience with God, it may be possible for humans to experience God
3.1.1 If He chooses to reveal himself to them
3.1.2 William Alston Argues that religious experience is similar to our normal sensory perception There may be an aspect of our human minds that is able to experience God
3.1.3 C.D.Broad Gave an interesting analogy of a society of blind people where some evolve the capacity to see Those who were still blind would be sceptical of the information given by those who could now see

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