Networking & Server

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Networking & Server
1 A computer network is any combination of computers and other devices that are connected by a central Internet signal.
1.1 Modem: Internet Service Provider.
1.2 Router: Hub that distributes the internet connection.
1.3 Ethernet cords or wireless adapters.
1.3.1 Netwrok media
1.4 Devices: hardware such as computers, laptops or even cellphones
2 According to what you need, there are different Types of networks that are based on geographic proximity.
2.1 LAN
2.1.1 Network that connects computer and devices in a limited geographical are such as home, school lab or office.
2.2 WAN
2.2.1 A wide area network that covers large geographical areas such as a country or the world. It includes telephone lines, radio waves. The internet is the worlds largest WAN.
2.3 MAN
2.3.1 High speed network that connects local area networks in a metropolitan area such as a city or a town.
2.4 PAN
2.4.1 Network used for communication among various computer devices, including telephones and personal digital assistants, in proximity to an individual’s body.
3 Layout of the various interconnected elements on a computer network are Network Topologies
3.1 Bus
3.1.1 Data flows on a central wire.
3.2 ring
3.2.1 No central connecting medium, data flows like a cycle.
3.3 Star
3.3.1 Central connecting device with all data.
3.4 Mesh
3.4.1 Every host is connected to every other host on the network.
4 Basic Architecture is based on Host Roles.
4.1 Peer to peer
4.1.1 Connects less than 10 computers. All computers have equal capabilities to use all the resources available in the network.
4.2 Client server
4.2.1 One computer provides services (server) by accessing to the hardware, software and other resource on the network to different computers (clients) that request the services. n
5 Importance:
5.1 Sharing
5.2 Centered Data Base
5.3 Communication
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