Speed, Displacement, Velocity

Carmel Coleman
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Higher Physics Mind Map on Speed, Displacement, Velocity, created by Carmel Coleman on 12/13/2013.

Carmel Coleman
Created by Carmel Coleman almost 6 years ago
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Speed, Displacement, Velocity
1 Define
1.1 Speed
1.2 Average Speed
1.3 Constant Speed
1.4 Velocity
1.4.1 Average Velocity Constant Velocity
2 Units
2.1 Time
2.1.1 Distance
2.2 Speed
2.3 Displaccement
2.4 Velocity
3 Experiment
3.1 To measure velocity
4 Recall that:
4.1 A metre stick, a vernier callipers, micrometer are used to measure distance
4.2 Distance and speed ar scalar quantiies
4.3 Displacement and velocity are vector quantities
4.4 A distance time graph for an object moving with constant velocity is a straight line and its slope is the speed
5 Formulae
5.1 Average Speed = Distance travelled / Time taked
5.2 Average Velocity =Displacement Undergone / Time taken

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