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1 How They Work
1.1 (BASIC) A transformer needs an alternating current to create a changing magnetic field This changing magnetic field causes a changing voltage in a coil.
1.2 Primary coil attached to AC supply
1.2.1 Alternating current pases through the coil which is wrapped around an iron core This changing current produces a magnetic field This causes a changing voltage in the secondary coil In turn causing an AC in the circuit attached to the secondary coil
2 These change the voltage of an AC supply if the transformer increases voltage its a "step up" if it decreases voltage its a "step down". They cannot work with a DC supply.
3.1 There is no electrical connection between primary and secondary coils.
3.1.1 Transformers only work if AC is provided to there primary coil if DC was supplied there would be no current in the secondary coil As current in the primary coil increases or decreases steadily there is a constant voltage caused in the secondary coil As voltage in the primary coil reaches its maximum the voltage in the secondary coil is at its weakest (zero)
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