Religious Attitudes On Matters of Life and Death

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A Levels Multi-Faith (Matters of Life and Death) Mind Map on Religious Attitudes On Matters of Life and Death, created by Marwah Gul on 12/15/2013.

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Religious Attitudes On Matters of Life and Death
1 Christianity
1.1 Purgatory
1.1.1 Roman Catholics believe in Purgatory where people wait to remove al tehir sins before entering heaven
1.2 Jesus was Resurected
1.2.1 Proves life after death
1.3 I think therefore I am
1.3.1 Soul exists and is eternal burial/ cremation allowed
1.4 Heaven
1.4.1 being united with God
1.4.2 Physical Place
1.5 Hell
1.5.1 Not able to unite with God
1.5.2 Spiritual Place
1.6 Second Coming
1.6.1 Messiah Jesus will come again
2 Why Believe in life after death?
2.1 Evil and suffering- Unfair
2.1.1 Makes sense of life
2.2 Gives support and comfort for families who have lost loved ones
2.3 Provides a Purpose to life
3 Euthanasia
3.1 Banned in the UK
3.2 Assisted Suicide
3.2.1 patient is helped with euthanasia
3.3 Painless Death
3.4 Involuntry
3.4.1 Decision made by close relatives
3.5 Voluntry
3.5.1 Patient asks for it themselves
3.6 Christianity
3.6.1 For Ends Suffering Double effect Intention was not to kill the patients with large doses of medicine, but to stop pain should not be kept alive against all odds
3.6.2 Against Only God can take away life not meant to choose when they die Life is sacred Hospices
3.7 Islam
3.7.1 For Stops suffering Gods will for them to die
3.7.2 Against God has the right to give and take away life ask God for help cant decide when to die
4 Abortion
4.1 UK Laws
4.1.1 limit of 24 weeks
4.1.2 Life or physical health of mother is in danger
4.1.3 Existing family will suffer
4.1.4 Seriously Disabled Child
4.2 removal of the foetus before a certain time
4.3 Roman Catholic Church
4.3.1 against natural laws
4.3.2 Life is a sacred gift of God
4.3.3 Double effect is allowed when life saving technology saves a pregnant mother- baby dies in the process
4.3.4 Foetus is a human being Right to life
4.3.5 Pro-Life everyone has a right to live life from conseption
4.4 Protestant Church
4.4.1 responsible family planning
4.4.2 Pro-choice other has right over her body permits abortion as life is given later on to the zygote
4.5 Islam
4.5.1 For soul enters body after 120 days Mothers life is at risk
4.5.2 Against Killing is wrong God provides
5 Islam
5.1 Life is a test
5.1.1 Test of FREE WILL our choices
5.1.2 everyone will be judged
5.2 Heaven
5.3 Hell
5.4 Eternal life called Akhirah
5.5 Judgement day for deeds done on earth
5.6 Tawhid- belief in the oneness of God
5.7 Go is merciful and Forgiving
5.8 Cremation is not allowed- physical resurection
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