Birth Control Methods

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Created by malikareid almost 6 years ago
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Birth Control Methods
1 hormornal
1.1 Vaginal ring
1.2 The patch
1.3 The pill
2 surgical
2.1 vasectomy


  • A vasectomy is a surgical procedure for a man that inable the man to produce sperm because the tube that releases it is cut or tied off. two types of common vasectomies used are called no-scapel and conventional. it is not a good method for teens to us because if later down the line they want kids or there partner does it could never be a option so you have to be very certain with a decision like this. A vasectomy cost in theus varies form 500 to 1000 dollars depending on coverage plus additional charges so it might even be more. you can get this procedure at a mens clinic or ask you doctor for whats best for you. although it is considered a permanent birth control method there are some failure if surgery isn't done right men may not be completely sterile and can get a girl pregnant but it is very rare since there getting better with surgery.
2.2 tubal ligation


  • Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure that ties, clip, burn, or cut the fallopian tubes so that that it blocks the sperm from getting to the eggs so they wont be fertilized. this method is not good for teens because this is a life long decision and teenagers haven't had enough life experience to make this kind of sacrifice what if the love of there life wanted a kid It could not happen so they should wait until there fully grown. there is a 1% chance that you can get pregnant after having this surgery yo may even have tubal pregnancy which is very painful. the cost of this surgery varies from 1500 to 6000 dollars depending on where you go and the coverage you have.
3 barrier
3.1 Male\female condoms


  • cgf
3.2 Contraceptive sponge
3.3 Diaphragm
3.4 cervical cap
4 natural
4.1 calendar method
4.2 withdrawal method
4.3 Abstinence

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