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Global Warming


This is a mind map about global warming for my EM 203 course.
Kris Howes
Mind Map by Kris Howes, updated more than 1 year ago
Kris Howes
Created by Kris Howes over 6 years ago

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Global Warming
  1. Pollution
    1. Smog
      1. Inconvenient Truth
        1. Ice Caps Melting
          1. Floods
            1. Polar Bears
          2. Do Your Part
            1. Recycle
              1. Use Less
              2. Plant Trees
                1. Home
                  1. Turn Off Lights
                    1. Use Less
                      1. Solar Panels
                      2. Public Trans
                      3. Animal Extinction
                        1. Habitats Destroyed
                          1. Polluted Oceans
                          2. Can't survive weather
                          3. Climate Change
                            1. Warm Winters
                              1. Sun Damage
                                1. Destroyed Ozone
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