Biological bases of Behaviour: Endocrine System

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Biological bases of Behaviour: Endocrine System
1 Heredity and behaviour: Is it All in the genes?
1.1 Basic principles of Genetics
1.1.1 Chromosomes and genes Genotype VS. phenotype: genetic makeup- phenotype- genotype is put together Polygenic Inheritance- characteristics that are influenced by more than one pair of genes
1.2 Investing Hereditary Influence: Research Methods
1.2.1 Family studies: Twin studies: Identical and fraternal Adoption studies: relation between adopted child and biological and adoptive parents Cutting the edge: Genetic mapping- determined location and chemical sequence of specific genes on specific chromosomes
2 Evolutionary bases of behaviour
2.1 Darwin's Insights
2.1.1 Fitness- reproductive success of an individual organism relative to the average reproductive success in the population Natural selection- heritable characteristics that provide a survival or reproductive advantage are more likely than alternative characteristics to be passed on to subsequent generations and thus come to be "selected" over time.
2.2 Subsequent Refinements to evolutionary Theory
2.2.1 mutation- spontaneous, heritable change in a piece of DNA that occurs in an individual organism Adaptation- inherited characteristic that increased in a populaation becuase it helped solve a problem of survival or reproduction during the time it emerged.
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