Analysis of Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Analysis of Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley
  1. Adjectives dramatic words create an image of power
    1. vast
      1. trunkless
        1. shattered
          1. colossal
            1. tells us of his power
            2. boundless
              1. bare
                1. lone
                  1. level
                    1. stretch
                      1. a long time, when he died it was over
                    2. Poem is about the loss of power over the passage of time. 'King of kings' but all is left is a broken statue
                      1. 'Nothing beside remains' everything that was important to Ozymandias is gone. Short sentence to make a point that things don't last
                        1. Ozymandias was strong and powerful king, he was cold and people could not do anything but obey him
                        2. Form of the poem is a sonnet (14 lines)
                          1. 8 lines - an octet
                            1. 6 lines - a sestet
                            2. The poem is in iambic pentameter
                              1. Each line has 5 pairs of syllables called feet
                                1. The first syllable is unstressed, the second is stressed
                                  1. de, dum, de, dum, de dum etc
                                2. Vocabulary
                                  1. Antique - old
                                    1. Trunkless - without a body
                                      1. Visage - face
                                        1. Sneer - cruel/smug smile
                                          1. Pedestal - base
                                            1. Boundless - vast, endless
                                              1. Colossal - very large
                                                1. Decay - waste, loss of quality
                                                2. Poetic techniques
                                                  1. Alliteration - lone, level; cold, command; sands, stretch
                                                    1. Assonance (repetition of vowel sounds) - stone, frown
                                                      1. Irony - line 11 because he has been dead for thousands of years, no-one cares anymore
                                                        1. Enjambment - no punctuation, the line follows from one to the next
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