Mrs Dalloway

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Narrative techniques
Izzy Simmons
Mrs Dalloway
1 Based on a single day in June
2 focus is to express the inner character not dress etc
3 style of writing
3.1 lack of quotation marks blur narrator and character voice
3.2 information about characters through other voices
3.2.1 the bridge between the ‘impersonal’ voice of the novel narrator and the subjective interior monologues of the characters.
3.3 style lets the reader make their own judgements
3.4 narrative organised in two ways
3.4.1 Through the presentation of the flow of thought within the mind of an individual character Through the transition from one thinking consciousness to another.
3.5 Tunnelling
3.5.1 The past is incorporated into the present, and, by being translated into the form of memory, becomes an aspect of present consciousness, just as the e
4 Narrative techniques
4.1 stream of conciousness technique
4.1.1 speaking through the mind of the character
4.1.2 third person omniscience
4.2 sidewise to characters
4.2.1 inwards towards memories
4.3 sequence small plot
4.3.1 plot = party squence = events leading up to party
5 setting
5.1 London
5.1.1 concrete has structure
6 novel themes
6.1 class
6.1.1 upper class lower class observers
7 Septimus Warren Smith
7.1 feelings
7.1.1 nervous breakdown alientation connects Mrs.D and Sepitmus Mrs D. comes to terms with lviing Septimus commits suicide
7.1.2 guilt about surviving

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