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1 Quality Management Plan Main tool for preventing defects on your project
1.1 Quality checklists
1.1.1 Mistakes that might cause defects
1.1.2 Defect prevention technique Avoid common errors
1.1.3 Inspecting products to be sure that they display specific characteristics
1.2 The Process Improvement plan
1.2.1 Improving the process you are using to do the work
1.2.2 Strategies for finding inefficiencies
1.2.3 Goals for how you can monitor the process and make recommendations to make it better
1.3 Quality metrics
1.3.1 Kinds of measurements you'll take throughout your Project to figure out its quality
1.3.2 Document how you'll be figure out the product's quality
1.3.3 Write the formulas you'll use, when you will do the measurements, why you are taking them, and how you will interpret them
1.4 Project document updates
1.4.1 Found new information in the course of planning your quality activities that affects one of the other plans you've already made
2 Quality Concepts
2.1 Gold Planting
2.1.1 Giving the customer extras, advanced quality thinking does not recommend this practice and neither does PMI
2.2 Prevention over Inspection
2.2.1 Quality must be planned in, not inspected in
2.3 Marginal Analysis
2.3.1 Looking for the point where the benefits or revenue to be received from improving quality equals the incremental cost to achieve that quality
2.4 Continuos improvement (or kaizen)
2.4.1 Continuously looking for small improvements in quality
2.5 Just in Time
2.5.1 Many companies find that holding raw materials in inventory is too expensive and is unnecesary Must achieve a high level quality in their practices; otherwise, there will not be enough raw materials to meet production requirements because of waste and rework
2.6 Total Quality Management (TQM)
2.6.1 This philosophy encourages companies and their employees to focus on finding ways to continuously improve the quality of their products and their business practices at every level of the organization
2.7 Responsibility for Quality
2.7.1 The entire organization has responsibilities relating to quality. The PM has the ultimate responsibility for the quality of the product of the project
2.8 Impact of Poor Quality
2.8.1 Increased cost, Decreased profits, Low morale, Low customer satisfaction, Increased risk, Rework, Schedule delays
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