Quick Language Learning

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How to teach ELL kids different ways to learn another language.

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Quick Language Learning
  1. Universal Grammer
    1. Noam Chomsky
      1. All languages can have different features but they all have the same principles, like verbs, nouns, and adjectives.
        1. You can connect it to the classroom like Chomsky does by putting the languages you are going over all beside each other and compare the key words in the sentences.
      2. Comprehensible Imput
        1. Stephen Krashen
          1. It is a method that relates the world and pictures to the language, to give you and idea of what the teacher is talking about
            1. As a teacher you could have a picture of something in your subject. For instance, I am history so could have a ship and put all of the parts of the ship in German and you could relate what you know in English to the German word.
        2. Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills
          1. Jim Cummins
            1. These are skills that a lot of English language learners use in social situations. Where the tsudent can use his eyes and other parts to get his point accross.
              1. To take this to the classroom, I think it is good to evaluate the child and make sure what he is learning is in a social standpoint but also in an educational stanpoint
          2. Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
            1. Jim Cummins
              1. This is more Classroom talk, it it takes a lot longer for the child to learn this because there are not many verbal cues anymore.
                1. To me this is like teaching in a classroom where you have to be with the student and help them whenever they need it because it takes a lot longer to learn this so, slowing down your lesson and meeting with the student after class possibly.
            2. English Language Development Instruction
              1. William Sanders, David Marceletti
                1. The main goal to ELD is of course to teach the English language as simple as possible. They use multiple activities to help students understand the concept.
                  1. You could do activities to help students by talking out loud and them going over words and telling stories about experiences and pointing at things in the room to help the kids put two and two together.
              2. Grammar Translation
                1. Grammar translation is drilling the point across on grammar and structure from the second hand language to the first hand language. It really gets the student to memorize the vocab words and helps them learn it for future use.
                  1. i think to use this as a teacher could be useful but I feel that I would love for my kids to learn vocab but I would'nt want to force them to learn it. So as a teacher I don't know if I would use this model but it seems like it would work on certain students but I feel that they would get tired of it since they had to learn it.
                  2. Diaz Rico
                  3. The Interactionist Model
                    1. It is holding face to face conversations with the student so it easier for them to pick up on sounds and grammar and possibly use motions to demonstrate what you are talking about.
                      1. This coule be something you do with the student after class or you could do this in class with the other students helping him. You could set up assignments where its a group effort and get the children to help the ELL learn things by having conversations with him.
                      2. Diaz Rico
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