Electric Fields and potential

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Created by jen6reyfc almost 6 years ago
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Electric Fields and potential
1 Electric fields
1.1 Attractive or repulsive
1.2 Electric field strength
1.2.1 The force per unit positive charge The force that a charge of +1C would experience
1.2.2 E = F/Q
1.2.3 Field lines are drawn to show the direction of the force that would act on a +ve charge For parallel plates the lines point from the most positive plate/voltage to the least positive
1.2.4 Radial Fields Any body that behaves as if all its charge is concentrated at the centre E = Q/(4piE0r^2) E is directly proportional to 1/r^2 on a graph of E against r the graph starts at the surface/radius of the sphere
1.2.5 Uniform Fields E = V/d
2 Coulomb's law
2.1 F = (1Q1Q2)/(4PiE0r^2)
2.1.1 F is -ve when the charges are opposite and the force is attractive
2.1.2 F is +ve when the charges are alike and the force is repulsive
2.2 F is proportional to 1/r^2
2.2.1 Inverse square law
2.3 Gives the force of attraction or repulsion between two point charges
3 Electric Potential
3.1 The work done per unit positive charge on a positively test charge to move it from infinity to that point in the field
3.2 V = Q/(4piE0r)
3.2.1 V is +ve when Q is +ve and the force is repulsive
3.2.2 V is -ve when Q is -ve and the force is attractive
3.2.3 Absolute Magnitude of V is greatest on the surface of the charge
3.3 The gradient of a V against r graph gives the field strength at that point
3.3.1 E = ▲V/▲r
3.4 Electric Potential Difference
3.4.1 ▲W = Q x ▲V
3.4.2 The energy needed to move a unit charge

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