Note Taking

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Note Taking
1 One of the most comon study technique
1.1 Most important rules: Know how to listen -Know how to think -Know hoy to write
2 Cornell Method
2.1 Divided our notes in 3 sections 1:Right-hand area use the most important ideas area use the most important ideas 2:Left-hand area use for personal ideas to understand easily the topic. 3:Bottom area use for a summary of key points.
3 Sentence Method
3.1 Write every new thought, fact or topic on a separate line, numbering as you progress. Gets more or all of the information.
4 Underlining method
4.1 Stand out the main deas of a paragraph using markets or colors Number important or sequential ideas in the margins Underline or highlight: main subjects examples of these main ideas
5 Drawing method
5.1 Make drawings instead of written ideas dificult to understand, It is easily to understand and can express one or more simple or complex ideas
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