Depressed v. Depression

Cheyanne Brodie
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Depressed v. Depression
1 What is the difference?
1.1 Depression
1.1.1 A disorder Debilitating
1.1.2 More information on what it is
1.2 Depressed
1.2.1 Emotion Still an ability to function
1.2.2 Find information on it
2 Do people know the difference?
2.1 Survey to find out
2.1.1 Simple survey at first Is there a difference between being depressed and having depression Ask for an optional name, to partake in other research Inform on strict confidentiality
2.2 Look for online articles
2.2.1 Google Scholar
3 Depression
3.1 Medication
3.1.1 How does medication help people that have depression?
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