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study techniques

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Study techniques
1 Read
1.1 1. Pre - reading : is a quick familiarization and reading your notes or study base material. In this first reading is due underline or look in a dictionary words you do not understand or know -Subrayar Words not understood To understand the contents of texo -Find The main ideas
1.2 2. Reading Comprehension : You must put all the senses and concentration In this reading, because if you do it right You will have to read and reread , and again , the same . Understand what read and relate to the above learned. -Put Care Reading -Make Further reading -Underline Main ideas
2 written
2.1 3. Page Notes : Once the reading is good writing words , ideas, basic concepts of reading in the margin or at the foot of the page.
2.2 4. Underline: this task is important to have 2 colors: one for the main ideas and one for secondary. Of course, nothing to stress all, but only the main ideas and the words that are specific to that area.
2.3 5. Outline : Once the above steps, an analysis of all the major ideas and ordennaran realiziara in outline form for a better idea
2.4 6. Summary : If our scheme is good and we helps to have a better idea of ​​theme is time for a summary escribirnedo what more we understood.
3 save
3.1 7. Save: fix the knowledge acquired in the previous phases. In addition to this simple and basic method of study, but not the entire student world is, we provide other technical study, memorization and tips and tricks that may be useful when studying
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