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1.1 ELDER: The old one
1.2 ENGAGED: pledged to be married
1.2.1 have just got engaged/ planning to get married
1.3 FIANCÉ: is the person you’re going to merry
1.4 ACHIEVE: to bring to a successful end
1.5 BEHAVIOUR: manner of behaving or conducting oneself
1.6 IN- LAW: a relative by marriage.
1.7 DRIVE ME CRAZY: when someone is annoying, he drives you crazy
1.8 ARISE: to appear
1.9 got divorced last year
1.10 I fell in love
1.11 have just break up
1.12 GORGEOUS: splendid in appearance; beautiful
2.1.1 FIRST If I am 18 years old, I won’t drink alcohol I won’t drink alcohol if I am 18 years old Unless I am 18 years old, I won’t drink alcohol If I have a car, I’ll drive to school on my own I’ll drive to school on my own if I have a car Unless I have a car, I’ll not drive to school on my own As long as Maria invites me (invites me) to her party I will go (go) l) As long as I eat (eat) too much chocolate, I will get (get) fat
2.1.2 SECOND If I were you, I would study more If I were you, I would buy a house If I win a million bucks, I would buy a beach
2.1.3 ZERO Universal truths If you add 2+2, it makes for If you add oil and water they get separted
2.2.1 -Ship Championship, Friendship, Relationship
2.2.2 -Ment Entertainment, enjoyment, excitement
2.2.3 -Ance Performance, Alliance,Concordance
2.2.4 -Ence Patience, violence, reference
2.2.5 -Ity Possibility, responsability, sociability
3.1 Capital: Santa Fe
3.2 2,085 million people
3.3 Largest city: Albuquerque
3.4 121,412 square miles
3.5 LENGUAGE: English only 64%, Spanish 28% and Navajo 4%
3.6 Most of them are catholics
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