Synovial Joint's

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Synovial Joint's
1 Gliding plane Joints
1.1 No angular or rotational movement
1.2 bony surfaces slide over each other
1.3 Examples
1.3.1 Tarsus of the foot
1.3.2 Carpus of the Hand
2 Ball & Socket
2.1 always involves a long bone
2.2 3 or more directions
2.3 examples
2.3.1 Hip joint
2.3.2 Shoulder joint
3 Saddle Joints
3.1 articulating surfaces of the bones are reciprocally saddle-shaped
3.2 Carpometacarpal
3.3 Example
3.3.1 Thumb
4 Hinge Joints
4.1 Allows angular movement
4.2 One plane only
4.3 Examples
4.3.1 Elbow joint
4.3.2 Knee
5 Pivot Joint
5.1 Examples
5.1.1 radial ulna joint
5.2 moves round a central axis,
5.3 Allows rotational movement
6 Condyloid (ellipsoid) Joint
6.1 ovoid head fits into an elliptical cavity
6.2 Allows movement in two different planes
6.3 Cannot be rotated
6.4 Examples
6.4.1 Knee Joint
6.4.2 Inter Phalangael
6.4.3 wrist joint
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