Immigration to Scotland 1830's to 1839.


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Immigration to Scotland 1830's to 1839.
  1. Push factors(made people leave their county)
    1. Religion
      1. Anti- catholic laws
        1. Can't inherit land from a protestant. Cant borrow money to buy land. Cant vote in elections.
      2. Land ownership
        1. Irish tenant farmers
          1. Land owners lived in England and didn't know the problems going on in Ireland.
        2. Over Crowding
          1. Ireland's population doubled between 1800 and 1850
            1. Reduced land availability and not enough food to feed population
          2. Famine and povery
            1. 1845 to 1848 potato blight struck and caused the great famine. Over 2 million people left the country.
          3. Pull Factors (encouraged people to move to Scotland)
            1. Distance
              1. Ireland is close to Scotland
                1. Costs less to travel to Scotland than to Canada or America
                  1. Relatives already in Scotland
              2. Work opportunities
                1. Scotland had a shortage of workers
                  1. Recruited the Irish sometimes paid travel and rent for them.
                2. Higher wages
                  1. Higher wages in Scotland than Ireland so immigrants could earn more.
                  2. Housing avaliability
                    1. Lots more housing and of a higher standard than of that in Ireland
                  3. Where did the Irish settle
                    1. West of Scotland
                      1. Glasgow, Paisley, Dundee and Aryshire
                    2. Social Impact on Scotland
                      1. Depopulation
                        1. Steady fall in population, more people leaving than coming in.
                        2. Urbanisation
                          1. Towns and cities grew as people moved from the country to look for factory work in the central belt.
                            1. Created competition for jobs and over crowding became a huge problem.
                        3. Economic impact on Scotland
                          1. Brain Drain
                            1. Many educated and highly skilled workers left Scotland to make fortunes in other countries
                              1. Lost many people with valuable skills
                            2. Low labour costs
                              1. Many labours came to Scotland
                                1. Production increased and Britain became an Industrial powerhouse
                              2. Colonies
                                1. Scots set up business abroad and set up trade links with their country of origin
                                  1. Foreign trade increased
                              3. Political impact on Scotland
                                1. Labour Party
                                  1. Many Irish campaigned for better working and living conditions
                                    1. A catholic John Wheatley became a minister in the first Labour Party
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