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1 Properties
1.1 Light is a wave that forms part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum
1.2 Light travels in straight lines
1.3 The Speed of Light varies going through different substances
2 Seeing Colour
2.1 We see three main colours
2.1.1 Red
2.1.2 Green
2.1.3 Blue
2.1.4 White is a mixture of all the colours
2.2 Different colours have different wavelengths
2.2.1 The colour that we see is a result of the object letting only a specific colour reflect off of it
2.2.2 When an object lets light through, it will only let through its own colour
2.3 The Eye
2.3.1 The eye is a very complex structure. The lens focus light onto the retina The cornea is where the maximum bending of light occurs The iris controls the amount of light Cones detect colour Rods detect B&W
3 Reflection
3.1 Silver, white and polished surfaces reflect light
3.1.1 However, black and matt surfaces absorb light
3.2 The angles of incidence/reflection are the same
3.2.1 They are measured using the Normal The Normal is at 90° to the mirror And at the point that the light hits the mirror
4 Refraction
4.1 Light speeds up or slows down between two densities
4.1.1 Therefore, the light will bend An example of this is looking at objects in water
4.2 White is a mixture of all the colours of the rainbow
4.2.1 Therefore, it refracts like this:
4.3 Lenses
4.3.1 We use lenses everyday: in glasses, cameras, and our eyes
4.3.2 There are two types of Lenses: concave and convex They both use refraction Concave lenses bend light inwards Convex lenses bend light outwards The thicker the lens, the more it bends light This diagram is a view from the top of the lens