Technology for Academic Learning

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This is about how technology facilitates our academic learning through websites, software and hardware etc.

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Technology for Academic Learning
1 Getting Ideas
1.1 Searching Engines
1.1.1 Vast information with one click
1.1.2 Brainstorming Image search Pinterest
1.2 Getting specific ideas
1.2.1 Refined google search
1.2.2 Search within Websites
2 Organiszng Ideas
2.1 Using Mindmaps
2.1.1 Coogle
2.1.2 GoConqr
2.2 Taking Notes
2.2.1 The function of 'Read later'
2.2.2 Editing PDFs Highlihting
2.2.3 Diigo Adding Sticky Notes and annotations to Websites
3 Variety of resources
3.1 Getting a print materials online
3.1.1 E-version of it Journals Magazines Books Newspapers
3.1.2 Buy it on Amazon
3.2 Video demonstrations
4 Ways of Collaborating
4.1 Shared Contributions
4.1.1 Google Drive Google Docs Google Slides
4.2 Facilitating Group Work
4.2.1 Skype rather than meet in person
4.2.2 Create Whatsapp group for communication
5 Styles and Formating
5.1 Website guidance
5.1.1 Clear written Instructions
5.2 Citation Machines
5.2.1 Requires self inputs
5.3 Grammar Checkers
5.3.1 Grammarly
6 Advantages
6.1 Fast and Convenient
6.1.1 A lot could be done with WIFI (Internet) connection
6.2 Create as many drafts as you like
6.2.1 Easy to add and delete things without wasting papers
6.3 Not limited by spacial and handwritings