Causes of the Wars of the Roses

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Causes of the Wars of the Roses
1 Henry VI is a bad king
1.1 Lost a huge amount of money
1.1.1 had to sell the crown jewels
1.2 Castor described him as "gentle" and "passive"
1.2.2 Didn't fight
1.3 Didn't unite the nobles
1.3.1 Couldn't stop D of Y and D of S fighting
2 Public opinion
2.1 peasants were politically aware
2.1.1 Peasants revolt and Cade's rebellion
2.1.2 Knew what had gone wrong demands of Cade's rebellion
2.2 Supported York
2.3 Blamed the Duke of Suffolk
2.3.1 He was murdered
2.3.2 Kings main advisor No clear chief advisor when Henry VI is ill
3 Enmity between D of York and the D of Summerset
3.1 Summerset lost the 100 years war
3.1.1 Surrendered Normandy without fighting
3.2 King supports summerset
3.2.1 Nobles support summerset Don't want the peasants having their say
3.3 Summerset is given the job of chief advisor
3.4 York fails to overthrow summerset twice
3.4.1 1451 and 1452
3.5 The peasants support York
4 Henry VI's illness and defeat in France
4.1 1453 - England lost the 100 years war
4.1.1 would France invade? Could Summerset defend England?
4.2 1453/4 - Henry VI's mental breakdown
4.2.1 Fighting between Y and S intensifies
4.2.2 A great council is called To decide how the country should be run York was declared Protectorate Had the backing of Warrick and Cromwell Swears aligance to Edward Prince of Wales
5 Feuds between nobles
5.1 Exeter planned to assasinate York
5.1.1 York had him imprisoned
5.1.2 Threat to the Lancastrians?
5.2 Helped split the nobles into two sides
6 Jan 1454 - Henry VI's recovery
6.1 York had to resign
6.2 Summerset was released
6.3 Ended the relativly stable of York
7 Mutual fear
7.1 Summerset's fear
7.1.1 If HenryVI fell ill again York would have try him for treason
7.2 York's fear
7.2.1 Summerset will want revenge
7.2.2 York would have the support of Warrick if he attacked
7.3 Leads to the Battle of St Albans
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