SAB9#69_Determine Budget

Salvador Rueda
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Salvador Rueda
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Mind Map on SAB9#69_Determine Budget, created by Salvador Rueda on 02/20/2016.

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SAB9#69_Determine Budget
1 Total cost of the project in order to determine the amount of founds the organization needs to have available for the project
2 Meeting the cost baseline
3 Cost Management Plan
4 Scope Baseline
4.1 Project Manager will have control over
4.2 Includes the contingency reserves
5 Project Schedule
6 Risk Register
7 Organizational Process Assets OPA´s
8 Project Charter
9 Enterprise Environmental Factors EEF´s
10 Activity cost estimates
11 Basis of estimates
12 Agreements
13 Expert judgment
14 Historical records
15 Cost aggregation
16 Reserve analysis
17 Cost baseline
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