CPE Anesthesia

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Created by ARegalado almost 6 years ago
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CPE Anesthesia
1 Part 1 (45 min)
1.1 Design an anesthetic protocol
1.1.1 Induction
1.1.2 Premedication
1.1.3 Maintenance
1.1.4 Pain management
1.2 Calculate doses and volumes
1.3 Write rationale for choosing drugs
2 Part 2 (100 min)
2.1 Section A (100 min)
2.1.1 1.-Perform a preanesthetic examination Anesthetic risk status
2.1.2 2.-Select, assemble, and use appropriate anesthetic equipment and accessories
2.1.3 3.-Premedicate, induce and maintain general anesthesia in canines
2.2 Section B
2.2.1 4.-Monitor and maintain a patient under general anaesthesia
2.2.2 5.-Discuss recovery of the patient from anaesthesia Post-operative pain management
3 Pass / Fail

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