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1 The play dramatizes Christian doctrine in a prominent, in-your-face kind of way.
1.1 Shakespeare invokes the concepts of sin, atonement, judgment, and mercy.
2 The title, Measure for Measure, comes from the Gospel of Matthew and this biblical passage also informs the main plot, in which a hypocritical deputy sentences a man to death for having sex with his fiancé and then turns around and propositions a young woman.
2.1 The play also features a Duke who spends most of his time disguised as a holy friar, a novice nun obsessed with virginity, and man whose harsh and judgmental attitude resembles that of the sixteenth-century English Puritans.
3 Measure for Measure's critique of Angelo's Puritanical rigidness is also a critique of religious extremism in general.
4 Although Duke Vincentio fashions himself as an all-knowing, justice delivering, god-like figure, when he disguises himself as a friar and takes confession, his behavior is more sacrilegious than anything else.
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