Holy Communion

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Created by harrisono almost 6 years ago
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Holy Communion
1 The sharing of bread and wine
1.1 Most denominations but not all
1.1.1 eg. Not quakers
1.1.2 Different beliefs about it based on what they call it
2 Breaking of the bread
2.1 Non conformist churches, non liturgical worship
2.2 No priest
2.2.1 Bread and wine do not undergo any change
2.3 Emulates the Last Supper
2.3.1 Discipleship & community
2.4 Focus on the Bible
2.4.1 'Do this in memory of me' This is why they do it
2.5 Not at all central to worship
3 Eucharist
3.1 Anglican (CofE)
3.2 Means 'thanksgiving'
3.2.1 Gives thanks to God for Jesus' sacrifice for their salvation
3.3 Liturgical
3.3.1 Set pattern & words, eucharistic prayer
3.4 Constubstantiation
3.4.1 The substance of the body and blood of Jesus coexists with the substance of bread and wine Doesn't transform into but shares an essence with Jesus' body and blood
3.5 Regularly practiced in the Church
3.5.1 Sense of community
4 The Mass
4.1 Roman Catholic church
4.2 Liturgical - set order with a priest
4.3 Transubstantiation
4.3.1 Transformed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ but keeps the appearance of bread and wine
4.4 Remembrance of sacrifice
4.4.1 Salvation & redemption
4.4.2 Spiritual food
4.5 Attended weekly but celebrated daily by the priest
4.5.1 Monastic tradition of 7 times a day

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