CPE Small Animal Medicine Station 1 Clinical Evaluation

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Clinical Evaluation

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CPE Small Animal Medicine Station 1 Clinical Evaluation
1 1.-History taking
1.1 Signalment, including breed
1.2 Presenting complaint
1.3 Duration of presenting complaint
1.4 Past problems
1.5 Previous treatments
1.5.1 response to those treatment
1.6 Extent of involvement of other animals on premises
1.7 Husbandry
1.8 Vaccination history
1.9 Dietary/nutrition history
1.10 Accurately recording all findings on the appropriate medical form
2 2.-Physical Examination
2.1 Distance
2.1.1 Body condition
2.2 Hands-on
2.3 Assessing the patient
2.3.1 Determining correct heart and respiratory rate, temperature, respiratory pattern,
2.4 Handling the patin humanely
2.5 Accurately recording all findings on the appropriate medical form
3 3.-Integration Integration of Clinical Information
3.1 Identifies patient problems based on history and physical examination
3.2 Develop differential diagnoses list or most relevant problems identified
4 7.-Communication skills
4.1 Communicates clearly and effectively throughout the case
4.2 Effectively answering the client/examiner’s questions
5 4.-Diagnostic Approach
5.1 Comprehensively orders diagnostic tests
5.2 Ordering and justifying diagnostic tests relevant to the problems identified
5.3 Efficiently orders diagnostic tests
5.4 Orders diagnostic tests in a logical progression
5.5 Explains the rationale for each diagnostic test requested
6 5.-Integration of diagnostic information
6.1 Interpret laboratory results accurately
6.2 Uses diagnostic test results to refine the differential diagnoses list
6.2.1 Describes how each test result is used to rule in or rule out diagnoses
6.3 Arrives at the most likely diagnosis
7 6.- Developing therapeutic plan
7.1 Treatment
7.1.1 Follow-up
7.2 Prevention and control issues
7.3 Prognosis
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