Wiles on Miracles

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Wiles on Miracles
1 Modern Theologian
1.1 Argued that any occasion where God intervened with the natural order to help individuals or groups would raise issues of consistency and fairness
1.1.1 For Wiles, the goodness of God and the existence of miracles were two incompatible ideas God chooses to be biased; ignoring those with the greatest need
1.1.2 Arbitrary
1.1.3 An action based on random choice
1.1.4 Partisan A strong supporter of a certain party or group, often in times of war
2 God is the creator and sustainer of the world
2.1 There was in effect a single miracle of creation
2.1.1 God's creation was good and did not require intervention in the form of specific matters
2.1.2 'The world as a whole is a single act of God' Wiles, The Remaking of Christian Doctrine Some critics of Wile's view have said this is a form of Deism not theism The belief that God creates the world but is then separate and uninvolved in its continuing affairs
3 God put in place certain natural laws
3.1 given these natural laws, miraculous events would be very rare by definition
3.1.1 Used examples of how God never intervened in Auschwitz or Hiroshima
3.1.2 Uses example of how Jesus turns water into wine; it seems a bizarre arbitrary whim of God
4 Strengths
4.1 Wile's view may appeal to educated believers as it allows them to believe in God and uphold scientific laws
4.1.1 It may be seen as solving the problem of evil God does not intervene either because he cannot or because he is willingly bound by the laws of nature Allows believers to reinterpret the idea of prayer It is not about presenting wish lists to God that make God act It is rather about allowing an individual to connect to God's will
5 Weaknesses
5.1 What Wiles is suggesting does not accord with traditional religious teaching about God
5.1.1 It requires the claim that believers have completely misunderstood the notion of miracles for almost 2000 years
5.1.2 To suggest that miracle stories show God's love and power and loses impact if God is not able to intervene in the world It is not appropriate to make God conform to human rationality God may act in ways that are beyond our human reasoning

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