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1 'wore high-heeled boots'
1.1 has to prove his status
1.2 Is compared to Slim in this regard, as Slim doesn't need this.
1.3 Living in his father's shadow
1.3.1 Insecure about his lack of power, which comes out as anger.
2 'cockier'n since he got married'
2.1 Needs a wife to quell his insecurity.
2.2 Misoginist
2.3 Feels he owns his wife
2.3.1 Makes her miserable.
3 'He hates big guys'
3.1 Makes workers see him as pathetic
3.2 Creates a mouse trap for opponents.
3.3 Has the American dream, but is still unhappy. Steinbeck conveying how it is doomed.
4 'Shoot the guts'
4.1 No sympathy
4.2 Wants to cause as much pain as possible.
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