Revision lesson 2

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Revision lesson 2
1 its cheaper then a PC
2 Tablet
3 touch screen and easy to use
4 easy to link together
5 not all software is compatible
6 not as much
7 portable
8 Desktop PC
8.1 larger storage space
8.2 easy to transfer files from and to
8.3 all software will run
8.4 easy to connect to devices such as printers and cameras
8.5 costs lots
8.6 need maintaining (more money)
8.7 non portable need to be in an office
9 website
9.1 easy for customer to view proofs
9.2 convenient for customers to log on website whenever they want
9.3 quick for customers to receive proof copies
9.4 Cheap for image reflections
9.5 security risks (data loss, corruption, theft)
9.6 make so customers cannot copy
9.7 if internet goes down customers cant receive the proof copies
9.8 customers need pc to view them
10 property file formats
10.1 a property file format is a file format of a company organisation or individual.
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