Types of Energy

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Geography (Energy) Mind Map on Types of Energy, created by Jack EJ on 01/06/2014.

Jack EJ
Created by Jack EJ almost 6 years ago
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Types of Energy
1 Renewable
1.1 Tidal
1.2 Solar
1.3 Wind
1.4 Geothermal
1.5 HEP
1.6 Firewood
1.7 Biofuel
2 Non-renewable
2.1 Oil
2.2 Gas
2.3 Coal
2.4 Nuclear
3 Primary Energy Mix = the combination of primary energy sources used by households, industry and commerce, and in the electricity generation industry.
4 Secondary Energy = the energy form produced by the use (eg. combustion) of primary energy sources, mainly in the form of electricity.
5 Flow Resource = primary energy producers as the result of continuous flow and movement
6 Stock Resource = primary energy sources that have a finite quantity

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