Global Energy Patterns

Jack EJ
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Geography (Energy) Mind Map on Global Energy Patterns, created by Jack EJ on 01/06/2014.

Jack EJ
Created by Jack EJ almost 6 years ago
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Global Energy Patterns
1 Oil
1.1 Top Producers: Saudi Arabia, Russia, US
1.2 Top Consumers: US, China, Japan
1.3 Top Importers: US, China, Japan
2 Coal
2.1 Top Producers: China, Russia, US
2.2 Top Consumers: China, US, India
2.3 Top Importers: China, Japan, India
3 Natural Gas
3.1 Top Producers: US, Russia, Canada
3.2 Top Consumers: US, Russia, Iran
3.3 Top Importers: US, Germany, Japan
4 Factors Affecting a Countries Energy Patterns
4.1 Own Resources
4.2 Industrial Development Level
4.3 International Relations
4.4 Economic Climate
4.5 Population
4.6 Climate/Environment

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