Environmental Impacts

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Geography (Energy) Mind Map on Environmental Impacts, created by Jack EJ on 01/06/2014.

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Environmental Impacts
1 Fuelwood
1.1 Population growth and urbanisation increases demand on fuelwood supply
1.1.1 Deforestation of land Destruction of natural habitats Soil/ground exposed Erosion increases and land fertility drops More surface run off = seasonal flooding and drought
1.2 Smoke pollution
2 Acid Rain
2.1 Coal power plants and car exhausts release sulphates and nitrates
2.1.1 Combined with natural release Binds with atmospheric substances and falls as toxic and damaging precipitation Conifer leaves lose needles Acidification of water sources kills fish Limestone weathered Reservoirs polluted Dry precipitation damages land and soil
2.2 High release in NW Spain, N Italy, Poland and E Germany
2.2.1 Pollution plumes NE over Scandinavia
3 Current Damage
3.1 Combustion of fossil fuels releases vast amounts of pollutants
3.1.1 Pollutants rise to atmosphere and damage ozone layer UV radiation allowed in so atmosphere warms Ice-caps and glaciers melt - sea level rises Low-lying land at risk of flooding
3.1.2 Damage to people
3.2 Oil spills
3.2.1 Destroy habitats and natural life
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