Sustainable Energy

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Sustainable Energy
1 Alternative Sources
1.1 Wind
1.1.1 Turbines: require efficient positioning
1.2 Tidal
1.2.1 Barrages, sluices, turbines, salter duck
1.2.2 Require 7m tidal range
1.3 Nuclear
1.3.1 Safety concerns
1.3.2 Issues with disposing of used, but still highly radioactive waste
1.3.3 Very efficient and cost effective
1.4 Biofuel
1.4.1 Sugar cane Ethanol Climate requirements Brazil
1.4.2 Fuelwood Requires vast amounts of land and conservational techniques of harvest Deforestation
1.4.3 Bio-digestors
1.5 Solar
1.5.1 Requires correct location and climate
1.5.2 Expensive to install - long pay back time
1.6 Geothermal
2 Case Study: Woking Council
2.1 Combined Heat and Power (CHP) station
2.2 Hybrolights
2.2.1 Street lights adapted to be powered by a combination of solar and wind power. Saves 170kg of carbon emissions annually per light Improves public safety Payback period = 2.6 years 8 currently installed for testing
2.3 Brockhill's photovoltaic energy source
2.3.1 Care home covered in photovoltaic panels
2.4 Albion Square Canopy
2.4.1 Covers 765m of town centre Covered by 35,000 photovoltaic cells - peak electrical output of 81KWp
2.4.2 Predicted to save over 41 tonnes of carbon emissions per year
2.5 LNG Powered Vehicles
2.5.1 Whole waste management fleet powered by LNG Reduces gas storage space, lowers pollutant emissions and cuts noise pollution by 50%
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