Energy Conservation

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1 Barclay's Bikes
1.1 Traffic reduced
1.2 People become more active and healthy
1.3 Vandalism issues
1.4 High start up cost (£140million)
1.5 Not all areas covered by scheme
2 Manchester Trams
2.1 Fast, more emission efficient mode of travel
2.2 Property value increased
2.3 Less cars on the roads - reduced traffic and emissions
2.4 Not access to all of city
2.5 Expensive initial cost and development costs
3 Congestion Charges
3.1 Less traffic/congestion on roads so less emissions and noise pollution
3.2 Sulphur and nitrate emissions dropped
3.3 Delivery companies hit hard
3.4 Small businesses within zone lose business
4 Solar Cookers
4.1 Some designs cook at a similar rate to conventional ovens
4.2 Simple to build
4.3 Designs can be scaled up/down dependent on needs
4.4 Requires reliable climate
4.5 High start up cost
5 Domestic Improvement
5.1 Lighting
5.2 Appliances
5.3 Green Electricity
5.3.1 A percentage of your paid electricity bill goes towards research for greener energy sources
5.4 Insulation
5.5 Heating
5.6 Community projects
6.1 First zero-emission store in Cambridgeshire opened
6.2 Natural Refrigeration
6.3 Renewable energy sources
6.3.1 Photovoltaic panels
6.3.2 Solar water heating
6.3.3 Pipe cladding
6.3.4 Ground sourced water heating
6.3.5 Wind turbines
6.4 Efficient driving technique courses
6.5 Using trailers with a 12% larger capacity

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