SAB9#35 Close project or phase

David Martinez Cruz
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David Martinez Cruz
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Mind Map on SAB9#35 Close project or phase, created by David Martinez Cruz on 02/27/2016.

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SAB9#35 Close project or phase
1 PM Plan
2 Accepted deliverables
3 OPA's
4 Expert judgement
4.1 Analytical techniques
4.1.1 Meetings
5 Final product, service or result transition


  • Sign off letter
6 OPA's
6.1 Work is done
6.2 Complete procurement closure
6.3 Gain final acceptance of the product
6.4 Feedback from the customer
6.5 Complete final performance reporting
6.6 LESSON LEARNED and update knowledge base
7 getting the final formal acceptance of the project or phase as a whole from the customer
8 Internal closure (financial, KPI's)
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