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A brief breakdown of the layers, innervation and function of skin and its specialisations

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1 Skin
1.1 Layers of Skin
1.1.1 Epidermis Stratum Basale First layer The division cells Stratum Spinosum Second layer Dermosomes formed - Strength Stratum Granulosum Third layer most keratin secreted Granules secreted Stratum Luciderm fourth layer Organelles die Stratum Cornium final layer dead cells, stacked
1.1.2 Dermis Papillary Vascular Lymph and nerve Reticular Collagen and elastin fibres
1.1.3 Hypodermis
1.1.4 Epidermal junction Structure type 4 collagen GAGs Glycoproteins Function adhesion between layer barrier organisation of cells
1.2 Appendages/ Specialisations
1.2.1 Hair Thermoregulation
1.2.2 Sweat glands Eccrine Sweat Apocrine localised aromatic sweat
1.2.3 Sebaceous gland secrete oily grease (waterprooifing
1.3 Functions
1.3.1 Barrier and protection
1.3.2 Sensation
1.3.3 Metabolism and storage
1.3.4 Thermoregulation
1.4 Cell types
1.4.1 Laangerhaan cells Immuno function
1.4.2 Keratinocytes structural protein secretion
1.4.3 Merkel cells Neuroendocrine function
1.4.4 Melanocyte Skin pigmentation
1.5 Innervation of skin
1.5.1 Sensory - Afferent nerve endings Pacinian corpuscle Deep pressure and vibration Hypodermis Modified Scwann cells Meissners corpuscle Papillary dermis Mechano-receptors - light pressure Ruffini corpuscle Mechanoreceptors - stretching of skin Free nerve endings Pain, Itch, temperature Papillary Dermis
1.5.2 Efferent nerve endings Blood vessel diametre and blood flow Thermo regulation communication
1.6 Healing
1.6.1 Resolution replace with cell minimal or no scarring
1.6.2 Repair replace with connective tissue Scarring
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