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The Big Bang
I Turner
P1.4 Methods We Use To Generate Electricity
P1.5 The Use Of Waves For Communication
Physics P2
Phoebe Drew
Computing Hardware - CPU and Memory
Physics P1
OCR Gateway Physics - P1
Rattan Bhorjee
Physics P1
P1.1 The Transfer Of Energy By Heating Processes
P1 - Heat Radiation, Kinetic Theory, Conduction and Convection
1 Energy Transfer by Heating
1.1 Infrared radiation
1.1.1 Can detect with skin- will keep you warm
1.1.2 All objects emit (give it out)
1.1.3 more heat = more i.r
1.1.4 Can travel through a vacuum (space) - this is how we get energy from the sun
1.2 Surfaces and radiation
1.2.1 Dark, matte surfaces ABSORB i.r... it will heat up quicker than shiny white
1.2.2 Dark, matte surfaces EMIT i.r ... it will cool down quicker than shiny white
1.2.3 Shiny white REFLECT i.r
1.3 States of matter
1.3.1 Solid- particles vibrate in fixed position (fixed shape)
1.3.2 Liquid- particles have contact but no fixed shape so can flow
1.3.3 Gas- far apart and random. Smallest mass.
1.4 Conduction
1.4.1 mainly in solids
1.4.2 metals are best conductors
1.4.3 Wool and fibreglass are good insulators
1.4.4 Free electrons transfer energy when they collide
1.4.5 Non metals are bad- no free electrons
1.5 Convection
1.5.1 Circulation of a fluid caused by heat
1.5.2 Heat makes it less dense
1.5.3 less dense- rises
1.5.4 cools, condenses, falls
1.6 Evaporation
1.6.1 Liquid to gas
1.6.2 causes cooling
1.6.3 increase by: surface area, temp.
1.7 Condensation
1.7.1 Gas to liquid
1.7.2 increase by: surface area and temp.
1.7.3 found on cold surfaces

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