Approaches and Methods for ESL

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This mind map is a graphic organizer that focuses on the grammar based, communicative, and cognitive teaching methods for ESL.

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Approaches and Methods for ESL
1 Grammar Based
1.1 Grammar Translation
1.1.1 focus on reading, writing, and grammar
1.1.2 Minimal development of communicative and oral language skills
1.2 Audiolingual
1.2.1 drills/repitition
1.2.2 focus on grammar
1.2.3 focus on producing correct forms
1.3 teacher centered
2 Communicative
2.1 The Natural Way
2.1.1 comprehensible input
2.1.2 not as focused on content based instruction
2.1.3 influenced by Krashen's monitor hypothesis
2.1.4 comprehension precedes production
2.1.5 "provide low stress environment to encourage production" (Hererra and Murphy p.201)
2.2 Integrated Content Based
2.2.1 content and language integration
2.2.2 "integrate language and content objectives into the same lesson" (Hererra and Murphy, p. 204)
2.2.3 building background before instruction
2.2.4 use authentic activities learning centers formative and summative assessment
2.2.5 cognitively engage students
2.2.6 provide visual support
2.3 Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
2.3.1 Scaffolding Use realia
2.3.2 Hands on activities
2.3.3 Guarded Vocabulary "the teachers conscious control of his or her language in the classroom" (Hererra and Murphy p. 265)
2.3.4 Cooperative learning students working together in groups/pairs
2.4 goal is to provide a language-rich environment
2.5 student centered
3 Cognitive
3.1 Calla (Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach)
3.1.1 -focuses on "strengthening curriculum, instruction, and teacher expertise throughout the entire period that ELLs are developing academic competence in English" ( Chamot, p. 1)
3.1.2 -"integrates content subject instruction with academic language development and explicit instruction in learning strategies" (Chamot, p. 5)
3.1.3 Content Knowledge is primary focus language skills taught as needs arise Students learn how to use academic language to communicate subject matter concepts and processes
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