The Doppler Effect

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This mind map provides an overview of the Doppler effect

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Andrea Leyden
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The Doppler Effect
1 Named after Austrian physicist Christian Doppler
1.1 Proposed it in 1842
2 Apparent change in frequency of an object
2.1 Appears higher when approaching
2.2 Appears lower when moving away
3 Examples
3.1 Siren from an ambulance
3.2 Sound from a passing race car
4 Object moving towards stationary observer
4.1 Apparent frequency - f'
4.1.1 f'=\(\frac{v}{v-vs}\)f
5 Object moving away from stationary observer
5.1 Apparent frequency - f'
5.1.1 f'=\(\frac{v}{v+vs}\)
6 v = speed of wave
6.1 vs = velocity of source
6.1.1 f = frequency of wave

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