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Inglés - Verbos Compuestos I (Phrasal Verbs)
maya velasquez
Test para Practicar para el TOEFL
Lolo Reyes
Verbos Culinarios Inglés-Español
Diego Santos
Religious Language
B3- Science. Cells, Genes and Enzymes.
Fichas de Inglés - Vocabulario Intermedio
maya velasquez
Inglés - Repaso de Preposiciones
maya velasquez
Gramática para Practicar el First Certificate II
Diego Santos
Inglés - Conjugación Verbos Irregulares
maya velasquez
Vocabulario Inglés (I y II) para la Selectividad
maya velasquez
1 Healthy and balanced diet
1.1 Water and fibre
1.1.1 Plenty of water
1.2 Nutritional requeriment
1.2.1 Energy function Carbohydrates Cereals Wheat Corn Rice Barley Lipids Oils Fat
1.2.2 Structural function Proteins Fish Trout Cod Sea bass Carp Salmon Meat Veal Kidney Duck Rabbit Calf's liver Eggs
1.2.3 Regulatory function Vitamins and minerals Milk Vegetables Spinach Leek Celery Broccoli Chickpeas Fermel Artichoke Asparagus Sweetcorn Beetroot Carrot Salad Potato Tomato Fruits Plums Apricots Raspberries Grapefruits Avocado Figs Coconut Papaya Pomegranates Apple Pear Peach Strawberry Cherry Banana Melon Watermelon
1.3 Energy requeriment
2 Unbalanced diet
2.1 Junk food
2.2 Fizzy drinks
2.3 Fattening food
2.4 Snacks between meals
2.5 Health problems
2.5.1 Diseases Hypertension Obesity Cavity Anaemia Anorexia Cancer

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