The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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i made this mindmap to revise for a physics test. Feel free to use it/print it out if it helps.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum
1 X-Rays
1.1 have a high frequency and low wavelength
1.2 Radiologists wear lead aprons to protect their bodies from absorbing excess X-ray waves.
1.3 X-Rays are used medically to detect broken bones or problems within the body.
1.4 X-rays pass through skin and tissue but is absorbed by bones and dense materials
2 Gamma, X-Ray, UV, Visible Light, Infra Red, Microwaves, Radio / TV
2.1 Refraction happens in all waves.
2.2 Reflection happens in all waves.
2.3 all waves transmit and absorb energy.
2.4 all waves travel through a vacuum at the same speed (300,000,000 m/s) but have different wavelengths and frequencies.
3 Gamma
3.1 has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency
3.2 Lots of energy is transferred meaning Gamma is the most harmful wave.
3.3 Used to kill Cancer cells
3.4 Used to sterilize medical equiptment and objects
4 Infra Red
4.1 The hotter an object is, the more Infra Red radiation it emits.
4.2 Uses
4.2.1 Electric Oven
4.2.2 Thermal Imaging
4.2.3 Heat
4.2.4 Cooking
4.2.5 Remote Controls
4.2.6 Security Lights
4.2.7 Burglar Alarm
4.3 infra red is absorbed by skin: too much can burn your skin
5 Micro Waves
5.1 lower frequencies and longer wavelengths
5.2 absorbed by water molecules and used for cooking.
5.3 water in food absorbs microwaves and gives the molecules kinetic energy which makes them continuously flip to produces heat that cooks the food. cooks from the inside to the outside
5.4 can be used to transmit mobile phone signals
5.5 some microwaves can pass through the earth's atmosphere and transmit signals to satellites
5.6 living organisms can absorb microwaves in their body tissue which may affect internal organs
6 Radio
6.1 used to transmit radio and TV programs aswell as moble signals
6.2 living organisms can absorb radio waves in their body tisuse which may affect internal organs
7 optical fibres
7.1 used to transmit signals carried by visible light or infra red.
7.2 signals travel down the fibre by repeated total internal reflection.
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