Trigeminal nerve

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20 credits Introduction to Human Sciences Mind Map on Trigeminal nerve, created by Olivia Young on 01/10/2014.

Olivia Young
Created by Olivia Young almost 6 years ago
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Trigeminal nerve
1 Trigeminal ganglion
1.1 Maxillary
1.1.1 Foramen rotundum Pterygopalatine fossa Zygomatic Inferior orbital fissure Orbits, zygomatic area of face Pterygopalatine Pterygopalatine ganglion Nasopalatine Nasal septum Incisive foramen Palatial mucosa & alveolar bone anteriorly Greater palatine Lesser palatine Hard palate Lesser palatine foramen Soft palate Hard palate Greater palatine foramen Palatal mucosa & alveolar bone posteriorly Infraorbital Inferior orbital fissure Infra orbital canal Posterior superior Buccal mucosa & alveolar bone. U7,8. DB,P roots of U6 Middle superior Buccal mucosa & alveolar bone. MB root of U6. U5,4. Often absent (50%) Anterior superior Labial mucosa & alveolar bone. U1,2,3
1.2 Opthalmic
1.2.1 Superior orbtial fissure Scalp, forehead, upper eyelid, part of eye, nose, nasal mucose
1.3 Mandibular
1.3.1 Foramen ovales Nerves to muscles Muscles of mastication Auriculotemporal Parotid gland TMJ, outer ear, scalp Buccal Lateral pterygoid muscle Cheek mucosa, buccal mucosa, alveolar bone of lower molars Lingual Ramus of mandible Lateral and medial pterygoid muscles Submandibular ganglion Lingual mucosa & alveolar bone, floor of mouth, anterior 2/3 of tongue Inferior dental nerve Incisive Lower anterior teeth Mental foramen Mental Labial mucosa & alveolar bone, skin & mucosa of the lip Inferior dental canal Inferior dental canal

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