cranial nerves

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cranial nerves
1 CN I: olfactory
1.1 (S) function: smell
1.1.1 origin: olfactory receptor neurons in olfactory mucosa location: cribriform plate of ethmoid bone
2 CN II: optic
2.1 (S) function: vision
2.1.1 origin: retinal ganglion cells location: optic canal
3 CN III: occulomtor
3.1 (M) function: most eye movements, pupillary constriction
3.1.1 origin: midbrain (anterior aspect) location: superior orbital fissure
4 CN IV: trochlear
4.1 (M) function: superior oblique (depresseseye and rotates laterally)
4.1.1 origin: midbrain (dorsal/ posterior aspect) location: superior orbital fissure
5 CN V- trigeminal
5.1 (S+M) function: sensation from face, muscles of mastication
5.1.1 V1: opthalmic (S) function: sensation from forehead, nose origin: pons location: superior orbital fissure
5.1.2 V2: maxillary (S) function: sensation from cheeks, upper lip origin: pons location: foramen rotundum
5.1.3 V3: mandibular (S+M) function: sensation from chin, jaw, mouth, muscles of mastication origin: pons location: foramen ovale
6 CN VI: abducens
6.1 (M) function: lateral rectus (abducts the eye)
6.1.1 origin: pons (nuclei underlying floor of 4th ventricle) location: superior orbital fissure
7 CN VIII: vestibulocochlear
7.1 (S) function: proprieception; acoustic branch: hearing, vestibular branch: equilibrium
7.1.1 origin: CB pontine angle, lateral to CN VII location: internal acoustic canal
8 CN IX: glossopharyngeal
8.1 (S+M) function: taste (posterior 1/3 of tongue), sensation from tonsils, senses carotid BP from carotid arteries and sinus, stylopharyngeus (swallowing, larynx, pharynx), parotid gland secretion (salivary gland back of mouth)
8.1.1 origin: medulla location: jugular foramen
9 CN VII: facial
9.1 (S+M) function: taste (anterior 2/3 of tongue), muscles of facial expression, lacrimal + salivary gland secretion
9.1.1 origin: pons (CB pontine angle) above olive, medial to CN VIII location: runs through acoustic canal, then through facial canal, exiting at stylomastoid foramen
10 CN X: vagus
10.1 (S+M) function: taste (epiglottis), sensation from meninges, pharynx, senses aortic BP at aortic arch, muscles in pharynx and larynx, parasympathetic (ie rest and digest) fibres to heart, lungs, digestive tract
10.1.1 origin: medulla (posterolateral sulcus) location: jugular foramen
11 CN XI: (spinal) accessory
11.1 (M) function: trapezius and sternocleidomastoid (shrug and head movements)
11.1.1 origin: cranial and spinal roots location: jugular foramen
12 CN XII: hypoglossal
12.1 (M) function: tongue muscles (speech articulation and swallowing/bolus formation)
12.1.1 origin: medulla location: hypoglossal canal
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